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What paper to use to make rose creations from - except cardstock?

Hi all, just wondering what type of paper you may be using to make the paper flowers with? I want them to be more "pliable" or maybe the word is "moldable" if that makes sense, as I don't want to cut up my one and only craft chronicle! Cardstock works fine, of course, but I was wanting to use something not so stiff. Any suggestions?

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Hi Dawn!  I use the Crafty Chronicle and regular patterned paper.  Some PP is not as thick or heavyweight so it is easier to play with.  You could also try buying cardstock that is not as thick as well.  Different companies carry papers of different weight.  :o)

I've only tried coredination's papers and Tim Holtz. I'll give a lesser weight paper a try. Thank you! :-)

You're welcome!  Donna's Antiquities collection and Spring in Bloom collection are printed on a linen paper that would probably be perfect for you!  It's not as thick and has a lovely texture!  Coredinations is pretty thick so I can see where you might have some trouble!  LOL.

 newspaper or any paper .. netting tulle, fabric, etc... you can always use a fabric stifferner or glue mixed with water afterwards

 I have used cardboard, thin and thicker pp, shimmer paper, tissue paper, brown paper (the kind for packages), vintage patterns, Kraft wrapping paper, umm all of them make up wonderfully but very different flowers.

I also use a set of cake decorating tools to shape my flowers and find they work really well with the cardstock.

Can't wait to see your creations :)


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