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2011 Guest Designers

Mandy Harrell

My name is Mandy Harrell and I am a SAHM of 5 kids, who is addicted to the art of paper crafts and photography.  I love trying new things and I am a big fan of distressing almost all of my projects to some degree.  I love getting my hands dirty and usually always have artist fingers.  I am so excited to be a guest designer for Donna and consider this opportunity such an honor!

Rhonda Van Ginkel
Hi!  I'm Rhonda Van Ginkel, a wife to my sweet husband and a mom to our two toddler boys.  I fell in love with scrapping to save their memories for years to come.  I really love details and will percolate on a design until I feel it's just right.  My favorite things in artistic paper crafting are designing unique pages, cards and also my own embellishments.  I enjoy a wide range of techniques and paper styles!

Terre Fry

I have been married to my husband Michael for 21 years; I have a 25 year old daughter, Dominica a 7 year old grandson Rylie who just happens to be the love of my life, my own little ray of sunshine. My OMGosh am I crazy addition to my life, Leahandra Danylle just turned 3 years old. We spent our early years together in the United States Air Force, stationed here in Arizona, Florida and Michael spent a year without us in Korea. I miss the military life but I do not miss my husband being gone for a year at a time that is a hard life. God Bless Our Military!!!! I am very passionate about what I create and am always willing to help when someone is in need of some inspiration. If asked how my friends would describe me…..they would say that I am a true friend through and through, I love life to the fullest and my cup is always half full. If you ask my BFF Tammy, she would say she would want to be me when she grows up so she can get her Terre on…personal craft joke.

Wendela Lam

I’m Wendela Lam; 38 years old, married with the love of my life, blessed with 4 beautiful kids. When I started with scrapbooking it was a real addiction at the same time.
Scrapbooking  is a part of my life. I love to be creative every day!! My style is romantic shabby chique and love to use a lot of flowers, lace, ribbons and pearls! I love to use unusual things,  like wood, fabric, stones, shells, feathers of my own chickens, etc…and of course using my sewing machine, can’t live without that machine.

Lynne Forsythe
My name is Lynne Forsythe and I hail from the small but beautiful state of New Hampshire, where I reside with my two teenagers. I have been scrapbooking for over 5 years and would categorize my style as Shabby Grunge!! I love to explore new products, try different things, then share what I have learned and the mistakes I made along the way to save your from making them! I enjoy encouraging people to leave their creative comfort zones, to step out of their boxes and try something new!!!

Gini Cagle
Hi, my name is Gini Cagle, and I live in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, with my wonderfully supportive husband. Any time that I am not cleaning teeth as a dental hygienist, you will probably find me in my studio - covered in ink, sprinkled with glitter, and trying to find my favorite scissors. I enjoy the creative escape that paper crafting provides for me.  I love the thrill of discovering new techniques and challenging myself to keep taking my work to the next level.  I am thrilled beyond words to have the opportunity to be a guest designer for Donna Salazar.

Danielle Aubroeck
Hi guys! My name is Danielle and I am a wife to a wonderful husband and a mom to 2 beautiful boys. We live in The Netherlands. My passion for scrapbooking started only 2 years ago and finally after 1.5 years of only reading and looking at everyone else's work I started to join in this amazing community by starting my blog and sharing my work online. I am so thankful for that, because I found so many great inspirational people already. I love the love and support all you creative ladies give me and each other. I am so super excited to be a guest DT member for Donna. Thank you so much for having me!!

Beverley Cunningham
Hi, My name is Beverley Cunningham and I am so excited to be a Guest designer for Donna Salazar Designs. I live in Auckland in beautiful New Zealand along with my husband and three children.  I have been scrapping for almost five years and love it! I have been lucky enough to be on a few design teams in New Zealand and am currently a designer at my local scrapbook store Scottie Crafts and am on the elite team for 2011 for New Zealand's only scrapbook magazine NZ Paper Chase. I am so looking forward to creating for Donna and been inspired by the other team members and her beautiful products.

Jan Hennings
I’ve been an Altered Artist and papercrafter for over 15 years.  I enjoy life with my hubby and 4 teenagers in rural Iowa. As a Mom to 7, humor has become a big part of our life and I create to maintain my sanity.   My art has been published in several Stampington and Company Publications.  I’m honored to be a Guest Designer for Donna Salazar Designs!

Erika Taylor
Hi Everyone, I'm Erika Taylor and I'm beyond tickled pink to be working with Donna Salazar. I've got a smokin husband named Mark, who is my biggest supporter and fan and we have two zany and loving children. I've been paper crafting since September of 2008, but you could always find me with scissors, glue, crayons and construction paper when I was a little girl. I've got a Crazy Canadian personality and love to make people giggle, either with me or at me. I'm also a bit of a magpie and gravitate to sparkle and shine.

Leticia Seki

Sandi Smith
My name is Sandi Smith and I  live in Newfoundland, Canada with my husband and my two wonderful kids, ages 19 and 12. I am a SAHM but I am also a full time Business student through Distance Learning. I did my first layout in January, 2010 and was immediately hooked...I now wonder how people live without pretty papers, lace, flowers and ink stained hands . I am so honored to be a part of Donna's guest design team...the talent and inspiration here is outstanding!

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