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Welcome to the FREE Girlie Gruge e-Class page!

This page is where I post freebie e-Classes... these e-Classes are smaller than mini classes so I've decided to call them micro e-Classes. The projects are absolutely free but the class instructions are abbreviated and there are no technique videos. My mini classes and regular classes have detailed step by step instructions, a narrated slide presentation and sometimes a technique video as well. The one thing that is still the same is what you are allowed to do with the instructions.

When you purchase an e-Class you see this verbiage: "All e-Classes are meant for personal use only. Stores and teachers are welcome to take these e-Classes as long as the techniques learned are used to create completely different projects from the ones taught. Re-teaching the projects from these e-Classes is strictly prohibited, will earn you a frowny face sticker, make your hair fall out, you'll lose all your friends & you'll gain 10 pounds... OK... maybe not that last part but you will lose your free access to the Girlie Grunge site and make me sad... so DON'T DO IT!!!"  Since you don't have to go through the process of buying the class you will miss out on this one "house rule" and I wanted to make sure that all my cyber buds know where I stand on re-teaching my classes.

Chunky 4x6 Window Book

This is the freebie class that I sent out in my November newsletter. You can download the instruction sheet by clicking on the link below.


I have just a few kits left... The kit has the cardboard covers, pages, die cuts, bling, denim & o-wire needed to make this project. You can order one by using the Paypal button below (until they are sold out).

with shipping

Gorgeous 3-D paper flower

What you'll need:

Spellbinders Rose Creations die, cardstock, Heartfelt Creations stamp set, Mix'd Media Inx

The step by step video for this flowers is HERE

Chunky Paper Hearts

What you'll need:

Thin paper (GCD Basics Stax used), cotton, liquid glue, black pen, Smooch Spritz, water bottle

optional: ColorCATCHER (or spraybox), heat gun, Glue Gloss, Fairydust Glitter

The step by step video for this heart is HERE


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